Slovakian Residence Program by company shareholders

Slovakian Global Residence Program by company shareholders

Why Slovakia
• Slovakia enjoys a stable political climate that is largely convergent on
issues of national and economic importance.
• Slovakia has been a member of the EU since 2004 idcardand of the Schengen Area since 2007.
• future generations by descent.
• Clear, objective rules for citizenship eligibility
• Slovakia is a European Union member state
• Many Visa-free destinations including US, UK.

Procedural Steps and Timetable
1. After the application the client hands in all the required documents.
2. The client answers all of the required questions, which is necessary to fill in the letter of invitation.
3. Letter of invitation is written out, and it is sent to the Client and to the Slovakian Embassy in the Client’s Homeland.
4. Involvement in the process of getting visa for the Client. Confirmation of the Letter of Invitation.
5. Preparation of the necessary documents
6. Client travels to Slovakia once.
7. Administration process in order to get the Residence Card.(0 day)
• Client signs power of attorney deed, which contains the authorization of the administrative process in the name and on behalf of the Client.
• Client signs power of attorney deed of receiving the Residence Card in the name and on behalf of the Client.
• Signing the sale and purchase contract of the 20% of the corporation with the signature of the notary.
• Declaration of Acceptance of the residency. Signing other required documents in front of the notary
• photos, (2 pieces 35×45 mm)
• opening personal and corporate accounts, putting in the deposits, receiving necessary verifications, certifications.
• Paying voluntary state insurance
• Submitting the application to the foreign police departments (fingerprinting, specimen signatures)
• Necessary medical control
• Signing the accounting contracts of the company.
8. Client gets the Residence Card (until 35. day)
9. After getting the Residence Card the client has to submit the certification of he medical report to the foreign police department. (until 95. day)
10. Submitting the accounting and tax return documents.
11. Paying the taxes expected after the activity of the company (following year May)
12. Extending the Residence Card (after 720. Day for another 5years)

List of the required documents
The client has to have disposal of the following documents for successful administration process.
• Copy of passport (Client can send the copy electronically in advance)
• Application form. The client answers all of the necessary questions in written, which is crucial
to fill in the letter of invitation.
• Criminal report deed (with apostil), notarized by the Slovakian embassy.
(Client has to send in advance the copy of it electronically)
• Two colored photographs must have been taken within six (6) months of the submission of the
application and should be approximately 35 x 45 mm in size.
• Should be printed on glossy paper and taken of the full face without a hat on, against a neutral solid white background.
• Full front of face and ears must be visible (no smiling)
• For applicants who wear head scarves for religious reasons may do so provided that the scarf is black in color.
• One of the two photographs to be submitted with the application is to be endorsed and signed by the recommender with the words: “I certify that this is a true likeness of applicant (applicant’s name).

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