The concept of residence and citizenship planning was created in the 1990s. As globalization has expanded, residence and citizenship have become topics of significant interest among the increasing number of internationally mobile investors. There are various investment categories and several avenues that are available for investors to immigrate to the desired country. We advise our clients on the best options and programs currently available for acquiring alternative citizenship. We work with the world’s top locations for private residence in terms of taxation, business environment, the possibility of acquiring citizenship, and quality of life for individuals as well for families.


Our company

MLWW is your founded to provide creative, innovative and practical solutions by focusing on:
• second citizenship
• individual legal tax planning
• intellectual property, licence services
• corporate and tax planning
• estate planning
• financial services
• igaming
• iaccount
and all the required back office support your business may require in Malta or worldwide.

Individual legal tax planning and more...

  • Malta Malta
  • Dominica Dominica
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis Saint Kitts & Nevis
  • Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
  • Ciprus Ciprus
  • Honorate Consul Honorate Consul
  • Slovakian Slovakian
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